Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Client: Spacelabs Healthcare

Work: Industrial design

Spacelabs Healthcare developed remote physiological monitors for NASA half century ago. Now they want to create a brand new ABP monitor to drive them back the the lead of the market. 


Ultrasonic Measuring Station

Client: Nautilus

Work: Product development

The annual physical exam for children is important to ensure they are healthy and growing well. However, for the doctor or nurse, it always a heavy work as they need to move and setup the measuring station, and work on the tedious recording work.

The client wanted us design the new measuring station from perspectives of doctor and children, and considering the whole work flow. Give the product not only a compelling appearance, but also a sleek user experience.

charging station

Client: Siemens

Work: Industrial design

By considering its brand image, function and cost. I used only simple sheet metal technology to create a slim and clear looking shape for this charging station.


Switch disconnector

Client: SRM

Work: Product identity

In the trend of industrial upgrading, our clients had a strong need of systematically re-planning their product images. With extensive research and interviews, we analysed the current market, trend of development and their vision and strategy. Then we formalized the holistic product identity which significantly elevated their market position and enhanced brand reputation.

chewing gum bottle

Client: Wrigley - Extra

Work: Package development

Driven by a huge market opportunity, Extra was in an urgent need of developing a new product to change their brand image and attract consumers. 


instant tea bottle cap

Client: Authentea

Work: Package development

This project started from Authentea’s keen
sense and bold attempt of market vacancy.

Electric Grill

Client: Midea

Work: Industrial design

As a challenger in this market segment of kitchen equipment, Midea wanted to develop a electric grill to fill a gap in the mid & high end market. This grill is expected to have fine appearance, and fit for domestic mass market.


During that period, I completed product development projects which across various
industries including healthcare, professional equipment, FMCG, consumer electronics, etc.


Other projects