By analyzing the audio gathered by its microphones, AVO is able to track the score and the exact position that the ball hits the table, and that data is provided to the players in an intuitive and fun way through sound and visual feedback.

With multimodal interaction, users can learn and practice breathing exercises intuitively. 

Through improving the probobility of carry emBreath with them in daily life, the device help them build a habit of practicing breathing exercises.

emBreath monitors users' vital signs to ensure a safe breathing training process.


What's COPD:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) refers to a collection of lung diseases that result in breathing difficulties.

Because of the impairment of lungs, only part of air could be exchanged. It leads to shortness of breath and CO2 retention.

Scale of the problem

It resulted in 3.2 million deaths in 2015 accounting for 6% of all deaths globally. The number of deaths is projected to increase further in coming decades.

*data source

Managing COPD

COPD is not reversible or curable, but the symptoms are treatable and its progression can be delayed by managing COPD.



After deciding the concept of ping-pong, we tried to sketch it out on the ping-pong table, and then projecting the image on the table for adjusting the color and size of graphics. 


We recorded the sound of bouncing and hitting the ball. The audio spectrum presents clearly difference between their shape, thus proving that the idea is feasible. 


The prototype of paddles was made of a Wii controller as it has gyro and accelerometers. Different sounds were generated by processing, according to speed of strokes.


Watch the video. It shows how the paddle works as a laser gun!~


We thought, through adjusting the algorithm and parameters of volume-distance transition, It's feasible to measure the position of the bouncing point, and to test it we built this prototype of sound radar, which includes 3 microphones at the corners of the table, measuring sound levels, and using processing to translate data into graphics.



We set up the prototype for observing how users react to the image on the table and sounds generated by their strokes. We were surprised to see that they showed high tolerance to the delay of sound effects and animation, and that they enjoied to explore how different sounds react to their stroke. Another valuable point is that we found some users tried to control the interface by paddle. Based on it, we developed the audio input interface.


We use this monocolor and bold line stroking style based on limitations of the ping-pong table and projector. 



We chose the orange triangle with rounded corners as the main element to present the concept of making ping-pong more fun and easy. Through implementing it in brand, product and animation, we created a clear and unified image of AVO.


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