Oarzpot is a sports device dedicates to improve rowing athletes' techniques and performance.

I participated in the whole process of product development, and responsible for the industrial design and manufacturing design of the device, and interaction design of the related app.


The recording and analyzing of motion in rowing are long-existing problems. A coach can only guide rowers by following them on a motorboat. There are tons of invisible details about the move of oar and blade are hidden under the water.

Based on the mature motion sensor technology, we had a concept of integrating strain gauge, gyro and accelerometer on the oar to capture the whole track of each stroke. Then visualize these data and present it to rowers and coaches in real time, helping them to improve techniques and performance.


After 2 years of development, we fulfilled the primary requirement, and keep update new features for the product.

The first generation of the product has been launched in 2017. we got a board range of orders and interests from the Norwegian national team of rowing, the Norwegian rowing association, rowing clubs and individual rowers worldwide.