Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Client: Spacelabs Healthcare

Work: Industrial design

Spacelabs Healthcare developed remote physiological monitors for NASA half century ago. Now they want to create a brand new ABP monitor to drive them back the the lead of the market. 

big bottle chewing gum

Client: Wrigley - Extra

Work: Package development

Driven by a huge market opportunity, Extra was in an urgent need of developing a new product to change their brand image and attract consumers. 

instant tea bottle cap

Client: Authentea

Work: Package development

This project started from Authentea’s keen
sense and bold attempt of market vacancy.

Electric Grill

Client: Midea

Work: Industrial design

As a challenger in this market segment of
kitchen equipment, Midea wanted to develop
a electric grill to fill a gap in the mid & high end market. This grill is expected to have fine appearance, and fit for domestic mass market.


During that period, I completed product development projects which across various
industries including healthcare, professional equipment, FMCG, consumer electronics, etc.

Here are some practices I did during my studying.